Homemade VS Custom: A Comparison

funny-pictures-dumpaday-images-1540-2 I hear the term “custom made” thrown around all the time, to the point where I wonder if it’s being overused and has started losing its meaning.  What’s the difference between homemade and custom?

Custom: made or done to order for a particular customer.

Homemade: made at home, rather than in a shop or factory.

This doesn’t mean that  homemade implies lesser quality. Both custom made and homemade can be great, and in different circumstances, you might prefer one over the other. Lets review. Continue reading

What’s Your Edge: Think Outside the Box and Expand Your Comfort Zone!

Creating a compelling or funny video does not have to be scary or take you out of your comfort zone, but it sure can seem that way at times. When companies/brands can show their human side, it’s something anyone can connect with.

Here are 5 easy ways to think about creating video content that will show your culture, but still screams professional: Continue reading

Question: “Which camera to use?” Answer: “It doesn’t matter.”

I am a tech junkie, I’m not going to lie, especially when it comes to cameras. I can tell you the dynamic range, resolution, media format, lens mount, sensor size, and price of almost every major camera out on the market today. And I’m pretty sure most of those specs I listed mean absolutely nothing to most of the people reading this post which tells you how much of a goon I am when it comes to stuff like this. I watch comparison videos of these cameras in different environment and find out which ones perform better in low light, I research which cameras have been used on which TV shows and/or movies, and I count down the days to when the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera finally ships (any day now!).

I'm pretty sure this looks to me what a Bentley looks like to other people.

I’m pretty sure this looks to me what a Bentley looks like to other people.

So, it’s no secret now that I love cameras the same way people would like baseball, but I love them enough to know that they mean diddly squat when it actually comes to shooting something. Continue reading

How do you Make the Most of Your Space? We want to know!

We’re excited to start a new show by renters, for renters!  It’s called Make the Most of Your Space, and we’re looking for renters who also happen to be design stars to tell us how they make the most of their rented space!  Check out our first episode above, and our press release below!  Then, send us your videos on Facebook!

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