4 Reasons to Update Your Video

Let’s face the facts, nothing lasts forever! Today, things change quickly on the web. Same holds true with your consumers who are also constantly evolving. This is especially true for your online video content, which is why ensuring that it stays updated and relevant is so important. So you may be thinking, I just completed…

Giving Better Feedback to Your Video Team

One of the ways to efficiently get the most out of your video production dollar is to become involved in the creative process, which can be done simply by giving excellent feedback and being upfront on what you like, dislike, etc. with your video team.

Streaming Platform or YouTube: Which is Best for You?

Today web videos are an important aspect of any business. When it comes to streaming videos most people instantly think of YouTube. However, there are also many other video streaming options. When deciding if you should use YouTube solo, an alternate streaming service like CTM’s Streaming Platform, or a combination of both, there are a…

Video Girls NAA 2016 Recap

Video Girls Janet, Shannon, Kimberly, and Beth just returned for NAA 2016 in San Francisco! Here’s their recap of everything that went on this year!