7 Tips for Using Video in Email Marketing

Combine your two best resources: direct email communication and visually appealing video to reach your potential residents wherever they are!

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Did you know? 42% of email users opened and read marketing emails with 1 in 5 people spending over an hour opening and browsing marketing emails every week (source: Blue Kangaroo survey on Marketing Emails). Over 41% of emails in the last quarter of 2012 were opened on mobile devices: an increase of 14% from the previous year (source: February 2013 report from Knotice). Potential residents are checking emails often and nearly half of users checked their emails on their phones or tablets! Grab their attention with video in your email marketing.

7 Tips for Email Marketing with Video
► Email your video to prospects for site-unseen rentals or student housing when parents need to approve the housing but aren’t able to come in person.
► Use your video in your follow-up emails to potential residents after tours.
► Include your video in the auto-responders on your website and online marketing.
► Forward your video to your residents to solicit resident referrals and/or remind them if you pay a referral bonus. Consider doubling the bonus if they do! (Referral bonuses not applicable in NC)
► Email Preferred Employers your video; have the HR contact or an existing resident who works there forward the video throughout the company with the preferred employer incentives within the email body.
► Email your video to any locators you use & include your locator bonuses in the email body.
► Set-up an email template for new residents that they can forward to their friends and family who will want to see their new apartment community: “I’ve moved, please make note of my new address: [insert their new address]. Check out my new place! [insert link to video]”

What have you found to be the biggest influence in your email campaigns or correspondence?
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