Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance in a Technology Driven World!

Because we live in an “instant response society” a work-life balance a growing struggle. Our lives have become ON DEMAND. Advances in technology mean we stay connected with everyone, anywhere, at any time, which begs the questions: are we ever just able to get away? Forbes Insights found that 98% of workers check email during their off time, 63% check every 1-2 hours when out of the office, 53% step away from dinner to deal with business issues, and only 3% said they never check or send emails on vacation.

Phone at Table 012Work-life balance used to be deciding whether to stay at the office late or bring work home. We are constantly connected, making us seem always available. Most people don’t like to be left out and mobile technology ensures that we can be in on nearly every conversation. What’s worse is that we prioritize our mobile communications over the actual physical communications occurring at the same time, even when its family and friends.

Work-life balance is no longer about hours you spend at the office v. the hours you spend at home. Work-life balance is about managing the grey area of constant connectivity. It’s likely you spend a good portion of your time monitoring texts, emails, and social media. Because we live in a globally wired world where expectation is if you have a mobile device, you are available. It’s up to you to take responsibility, set boundaries, and unplug. Most people don’t even realize it is happening to them, as they have always seen this situation as the norm. So ask yourself these question: Do you dread even thinking about work the next day? Are you constantly thinking about things you need to accomplish at work? Do you feel you can never disengage? How can you improve the harmony in your work-life? How can you be happier and achieve greater work-life balance? Sound Familiar?

  • Focus on Quality not Quantity
  • Make a plan
  • Drowning? Speak Up!
  • Keep work (and your laptop) out of the bedroom
  • Get your zzzzz’s
  • Institute a digital free zone in 1 room of your home
  • Take personal breaks during the day
  • Reward yourself
  • Know when to UNPLUG!

There are simple indicators that you’re a smartphone addict:

  • You can’t go five minutes without checking your inbox.
  • You respond to messages on your phone in the middle of the night.
  • When your inbox says, “no new messages,” you hit the refresh button just to make sure.
  • Checking email constantly is also a way to prove you’re “always on top of things,” and can respond instantly.
  • You have more than five email accounts.

By starting with these simple tips, you too can achieve a better work-life balance!!