Convey Your Marketing Message With Color!

ColorIn marketing, what really makes a product stand out? Is it the big words you use in a narrative? Or does it have to be something that’s trending now? Telling a kid a nighttime story with pictures in black and white, or have your company logo hand drawn with no ink…boring. What makes a product, book, or video stand out is color.

It’s color that catches the eye of the public. People choose products that reflect their personalities, their emotions, and their priorities. Take this into consideration when designing your product or video.

Color can be used in different ways….alter your mood, make your message stand out, or recognition of a product or service. What is your objective, company vision, or mission statement? What color is right for you? The answer depends on the message you want to convey to the consumer about your product or video.

For example, red resembles passion and excitement. The Coca-Cola Company uses the color red to market their logo and product. One of their values is passion. In addition, in their mission, vision and values they want to “Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun”. Utilizing the color red in their brand, allows them to connect with the consumer and convey their message. McDonalds uses the yellow arches to represent their mission statement. The yellow creates happiness and sunshine.

Color is a first and lasting impression in any product or video. The color of your branding and marketing campaigns not only promotes awareness and memory of your brand, but it can also suggest a feeling or emotion that your company stands for. What does the color that you are using say about your product or company?