Changing with New Technology

computerBe open to changing technology.  Don’t let it pass you by!  I watch as my parents can barely manage their “complicated” TV remote control.  On the other side, my daughter has been creating Keynote presentations since she was 10.  Her first major purchase – a Macbook Pro.

In our industry, I’ve watched print fade away and online lead generation continues to evolve and change.    Leasing has seen a big change as well.  Are your leasing forms online?  Are you able to provide virtual tours via iPads or tablets?   Even online maintenance requests were just a dream 10 years ago.  What worked years ago, might not work today.

When Property Management Insider highlighted the five top trends for 2013 in the multi-family industry, the number one technology was mobile devices.  Another key area today is online reputation management, which applies to every industry and individual.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what technological advances our industry will experience in the coming years!  My suggestion…. Be a part of it!