Time flies when you’re having fun: A Short Internet Video History

Time flies when you are having fun, especially when you are dealing with technology. I remember like it was yesterday……..

Image courtesy LexisNexis
Image courtesy LexisNexis

In 2003 MySpace launched, and then Facebook in 2004

2006 – Twitter launched in March and Google acquired YouTube in October.

2007– 1.2 million user generated videos were published and June 2007 the iPhone launched. (Mashable)

2008– 78.5% of the US internet audience viewed online video. Google announced Android and 3 million iPhone 3Gs were sold in the 1st month. (Mashable)

2009– 25% of Americans viewed mobile video on their phones. 20 hours of video is uploaded every minute. 11.4 billion videos were streamed monthly. (REELSEO)

2010– Video viewing increased 45%.Video streaming increased 28%. Total video streams increased 1.5% with 14.5 billion streams. Industry average of 230% increase in apartment video views. (ComScore)

2011–  4 billion videos views per day on YouTube globally. 18 million people watch YouTube on their mobile devices every month. (ComScore)

2012–  eBooks started outselling print books, 77% of smartphone users called or visited a business after looking for local info on their phones, 71% of smartphone users searched because they saw an ad, and 33% of smartphone users used their phone while watching TV. (Google infographic)

I predict even more growth in 2013 and beyond, since premium video is exploding online and mobile video is on the rise.

Checkout  MediaBistro.com for more great stats on video being used on social media sites.