The Original iPhone and Other Obsolete Technology

It was announced last week that the original iPhone from 2007 will be considered “obsolete” this June,  meaning Apple stores will no longer manufacture parts for or service those phones.

The Original iPhone. That's SO 2007!
The Original iPhone. That’s SO 2007!

Think about it. Just 6 years ago the first generation iPhone was the cutting edge of technology, changing the way we thought of mobile phones. Now, that original phone is not even just old or outdated (which of course it was as soon as the 3G,  3GS, etc. came out). It’s obsolete!  Gone the way of the Zack Morris phone or the Walkman. That’s how fast technology moves. Just 6 years between cutting edge and obsolescence.

In this fast changing technological world, we all have to be flexible to keep up with the times. Thanks to technology like the iPhone and the other smartphones that quickly followed its lead, mobile internet usage and video streaming are no longer seen as technologically savvy but are expected. The advertisements, camera types, and even resolution of online videos that were hot 6, 4, and sometimes even 2 years ago are now seen as old and even in some cases irrelevant.

Of course, if something is working, we want to stick with it. Buth sticking with something just because we’re used to it is where we can get into trouble.  Unfortunately, that means that we have to make a habit of getting out of our comfort zones and exploring a new medium or technology that we have not used before.  There are new social media networks and apps popping up all the time!  Instagram, although it seems like an integral part of many people’s lives now, is only about 2 and a half years old, and Vine is less than 6 months old, but already companies and individuals have found some really creative and effective ways to use them for marketing purposes and to keep in touch with their current and potential clients.

The good news is that there is always someone with more experience or who is more comfortable with new technology, that would be happy to help lead the way! You don’t have to do it alone! If you are looking to keep up with the times, take a look at what you’re doing. It might just be time to retire that figurative original iPhone (whatever it might be for you), and upgrade to the newest generation! We bet you’ll be surprised at who is already there!