It’s Coming! A preview of YouTube One Channel

On June 5th, YouTube will convert everyone’s channel to their new YouTube One Channel design.  Today, we’re going to give you a sneak preview, and highlight some of our favorite benefits of this new design.

Create Your Own Artwork 

Now your channel has the ability to scale itself across multiple devices and screen sizes: TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Google recommends a 2120 x 1192 pixel image size when uploading a single image. The following template has been optimized to fit all devices.YTGraphicTemplate

Social Media Icons


Four Social Media icons can now be displayed on your banner image to allow viewers to quickly visit your social accounts. Only four icons can be shown on your banner image however more social media links can be added on your About page if desired.

Channel Description ABOUT Tab

Your description from the old “About Us” section will appear in the new ABOUT tab.  You can also add additional links in your description if you have more than the maximum four allowed as Social Media Icons on your banner image.


Video Trailer

You can now have a video trailer which only plays when non-subscribed visitors view your channel. Use this opportunity to grab their attention and prompt them to subscribe!


Playlist Options

You can now create playlists based on tags (i.e. show all videos with the tag “smoke-free” or “Dallas TX”). You have two layout options for your playlists as well: vertical or horizontal. See the image below for an example of each layout.


Advanced Features

The list goes on with many new additional updates and customization options you can do in the new design.

InVideoProgrammingOne last cool feature I would like to mention is In-video programming. Within this feature you can brand all your videos with your logo much like a TV network at the top or bottom of the screen. It also gives you the option to “feature” a video of your selection from your playlist or a custom trailer on all of your other videos.

If you would like more information on our Advanced Social Media Customization packages, please contact your Regional Sales Executive for details