Which way do I go? Instagram vs Vine

 Instagram-Badge512x512 VS  Vine-Badge512x512

With the options in “short video distribution” as I call it the user is often left with a couple of decisions.

Instagram just launched their video option.  Does this mean since Vine isn’t on droid devices that I won’t ever use it as I am a hardcore Android lover?  I love my iPad too but, much like most people, my phone is my camera, laptop, and emotional stabilizer.    I use Vine on my iPad every once in a while.  Tout is fun and okay, but Instagram is about to forever change my life.

Why?  It is simple.  I use Instagram at least three times a day. I am on there more than any other app that is not work related.  Plus, we use it for @ctmvideoexperts which I contribute to as well.  Now, I can send a video and upload pictures.  Then, I can trick it out with an effect or filter.  It is like Christmas in June.  I love Christmas!  My hope is that along with this, more in our industry and beyond will see the benefit of quick videos.  Maybe someday I will feel differently, but I can’t wait to use it more.  Get ready, followers, because I am about to use Instagram video like it’s my job.

Do you use Vine or Instagram Video?