What’s Your Edge: Think Outside the Box and Expand Your Comfort Zone!

Creating a compelling or funny video does not have to be scary or take you out of your comfort zone, but it sure can seem that way at times. When companies/brands can show their human side, it’s something anyone can connect with.

Here are 5 easy ways to think about creating video content that will show your culture, but still screams professional:

1.  Fun works!! Nobody likes stiff. Show your employees having fun and loving what they do while giving your renter a brand and culture that they’ll want to be a part of

2. Avoid the pushy sales pitch, it’s a sure way to get viewers to run and never look back!

3. Have tact! Going outside the box or having a sense of humor can be done tasteful and does not mean being rude, crude, or offensive.

4. Keep it short and sweet!

5. What’s funny today might not be funny tomorrow. Virtual videos and trends can lose their edge pretty quickly so avoid potential pitfalls of following every fad or the funny marketing video.

The goal of your video is to tell your story and keep your target audience interested, so make sure it contains compelling content. A sense of humor will engage with your renter, as well, so don’t be afraid of taking a lighthearted approach to your video with a subtle, tasteful sense of humor. With the right blend of humor and creativity, your video doesn’t even have to promote your product, it just has to leave your audience with the question, “How do I find out more?”

Do you have a favorite video that follows these tips?

Let CTM help you bring out your company or properties personality with a little edge!