Homemade VS Custom: A Comparison

funny-pictures-dumpaday-images-1540-2 I hear the term “custom made” thrown around all the time, to the point where I wonder if it’s being overused and has started losing its meaning.  What’s the difference between homemade and custom?

Custom: made or done to order for a particular customer.

Homemade: made at home, rather than in a shop or factory.

This doesn’t mean that  homemade implies lesser quality. Both custom made and homemade can be great, and in different circumstances, you might prefer one over the other. Lets review.


Which would I choose?


Homemade! It’s  full of flavor and cleanliness  is not a issue. Mass produced items pass by many different hands and you never know when there is a bad apple thrown in the mix.

Nails  –

At home or from a professional? Depends…


Car upgrades –

Custom! Professionals  use the tools and have a better understanding of what will fit and look best on your car.

Homemade GRILL
Homemade GRILL
Custom Grill
Hummer custom color and mesh grill. It looks seamless.


You decide! Custom VS Homemade Photo FAIL

Video | Let’s look at some examples of homemade versus custom video.

Video – Homemade

Video made by the end-user, using consumer-grade technology.

This guy does everything exactly wrong! Scripting and knowledge of the technology and end product are key.  If he lost you in the first minute, I would  go with custom.

Video – Custom

Creative team with more experience, better technology, and upgrade services.

Although the trend is in right now for how-to,  DYI , and Selfie photos, it is important to use professional video production.  A professional knows what is most effective in terms of scripting, editing, graphics, length, and distribution techniques to boost your video’s SEO. Gain the benefits of having a creative team make your video catchy engaging interesting and effective. Let the CTM team produce your next video.