4 Quick Tips For Shooting Great Video From Your Phone

No matter who you are – you’ve probably shot video from your phone, and you will shoot video on your phone again.  In fact, most people don’t own a camera or a video camera anymore. So, you need to learn how to shoot great videos from your phone.

Smartphone video footage isn’t just for silly home videos or YouTube clips anymore, in fact movies and broadcast TV commercials are being shot on phones. Companies and professionals are now using video footage from their phones to create professional content, and if you are the designated Phone videographer, you don’t want to mess it up!

ShotHorzontalVideoHere are 4 quick tips for shooting great video from your phone:

Horizontal Or Else

The easiest way to ensure your video comes out better is to always shoot the video in horizontal, or landscape mode. Do not take vertical videos, as they never show up well on other platforms. When you play a vertical video on a TV or laptop, the video will only play in the middle of the screen and leave two large black bars on either side.

Not only does horizontal video look better, you give yourself more editing and enhancement options by taking the video horizontally than vertically since it fills up the whole screen.

Light Right

One basic tip for taking high quality videos on your phone is to find great lighting for your shot. No matter what, make sure your subject is properly exposed and lit from the front (not backlit).

The best natural lighting is always outdoors in the daytime. If possible, find some natural daylight for your shot. If you have to be indoors, you can use warm lighting to enhance the shot, but make sure to eliminate dark shadows. If you’re feeling ambitious, here is a video on the basics of 3 Point Lighting, the ideal lighting set up for indoor video shoots.

The Human Tripod

Another basic phone video tip revolves around stabilization. Your video is not going to look great if you’re shaking the whole time you’re holding the camera. Instead, you should think of yourself as a human tripod. Focus on staying as still as possible while shooting. You can use something to rest your elbow or arm on if needed. You can also purchase a tripod for your smartphone for next to nothing.

Use an App

The camera app that is built in on your phone is great for shooting clips to send to family and friends. However, if you want a higher quality video from your phone then you may want to invest in a specialty video app. Not only will the videos turn out better, but you’ll have numerous added editing options as well.

The CTM Video App allows you to shoot and upload full-res HD footage from your phone to CTM’s editors who can then turn it into a professional video for you! Check out some examples of videos that some of our clients have shot with the CTM Video app.

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