Using Pinterest as Part of Your Marketing Plan

Social media has taken over the marketing landscape in the past several years. What was foreign to almost every business 10 years ago is now common. You simply cannot get away with not using social media to develop your brand.

A vast majority of companies have at least a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and many also use Instagram and keep a professional social media profile on sites like LinkedIn.

However, one of the hottest new social media trends is Pinterest. For those in the know, Pinterest can offer high click-through rates, which convert to sales.

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What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to post pins to boards. These pins can be photos or videos. The beauty of Pinterest is that your post stays active and visible for much longer than a post on Facebook or Twitter. Over 50% of visits to a pin happen over 3 months after you pin it. This means Pinterest is a long term traffic and sales boosting strategy.

The beauty of Pinterest is that your post stays active and visible for much longer than a post on Facebook or Twitter. [Source: @CTMVideoExperts] (Click to Tweet)

How To Use Pinterest As Part Of Your Marketing Plan:

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1)  Create Great Content First and foremost – you have to create great content, or pins, if you want to use Pinterest as part of your marking plan. You must frequently be pinning photos, videos and content about your community to Pinterest to keep your boards exciting and fresh.

2) Build Expertise On Your Topic By frequently pinning content your fans and followers may like, they’ll begin to see you as an expert. Followers may begin to reach out to you for more information and you’ll begin to see each pin you post rise in popularity.

3) Create An Engaged & Excited Audience As you begin to be seen as an expert, you’ll start to see an engaged and excited audience hungry for new pins from you. This is where your community can really begin to use Pinterest as an integral part of your marketing plan.

4) Boost Brand Awareness Now that you are seen as an expert, you’ll be able to boost brand awareness to any products you’re selling related to your pins. Some users see their click-through rates skyrocket and their sales converting at higher rates. In many cases, loyal Pinterest followers are easy to convert.

5) Analyze Your Metrics To confirm that sales are being boosted by your Pinterest efforts, you will need to analyze your metrics. Just like every marketing effort, you’ll want to track everything. Luckily, Pinterest makes this somewhat simple by offering an analytics dashboard to business users.

Check out CTM’s Pinterest Boards for inspiration, and then reach out to us, so we can start helping you use Pinterest for your marketing today!