Streaming Platform or YouTube: Which is Best for You?

Today web videos are an important aspect of any business. When it comes to streaming videos most people instantly think of YouTube. However, there are also many other video streaming options.

When deciding if you should use YouTube solo, an alternate streaming service like CTM’s Streaming Platform, or a combination of both, there are a few things to consider.

Benefits of a Streaming Platformoffice-laptop-AlexanHeightsVideoPage

  • Viewers are not likely to get distracted by an ad or a related video at the end of your video, which could very easily lead your competitor’s site.  This is common on YouTube, but it doesn’t happen on a Streaming Platform. Your content is all the viewer sees!
  • Streaming videos on a Streaming Platform like CTM’s innovative platform, a simple embed code or video link can be easily used across multiple online platforms to keep your message consistent and it will lead your consumer where you want them, which will overall provide a strong boost to your brand name.
  • You will have access to powerful analytics such as where, when, and how long viewers are watching your video. If you have a good video marketing strategy, this could play a key part of your customer acquisition process. *removed ROI section as it is over kill on the topic
  • Streaming video means you don’t have files to keep up with or store.
  • If you ever need video support or have questions, your video partner will be just a phone call away. Not so easily done with YouTube!
  • Finding a video partner that provides a streaming platform will help you keep your online audience engaged longer, help eliminate unnecessary stress, and it will ultimately improve your overall conversion rate.

Benefits of YouTube youtube-computer

  • YouTube is owned by Google, so you’ll benefit from SEO, especially if your video is optimized correctly.
  • YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform, it has roughly 1 billion users per month, which can definitely help your video get in front of a wider audience.
  • Due to the millions of people who watch YouTube videos every second, your online audience could very easily end up on your YouTube channel.
  • A good optimized YouTube video or channel can be used to direct these viewers towards your website with a simple call to action.
  • Shortened “teaser” videos on YouTube can be used to direct viewers to your website to finish the video once they are engaged. Once you have them on your site there are many ways to get them engaged on a deeper level.
  • YouTube is not just a video streaming platform, but it is also the 2nd largest social media network.

Different Platforms for Different PurposesCTM vs YT short

As you can see, they’re two very different platforms, with very different purposes and it is important to understand how each could be used to achieve your video goals and have a better overall online video presence!

A lot of companies successfully choose to use both options in order to benefit for longer audience engagement rate and analytics, but then upload videos to YouTube in order to benefit from the social reach that it can provide!

By understanding the unique value and benefits of your video streaming options, it will help you take your online video visibility to the next level.

Have you had a success using one over the other or both? Tell us your success story in the comments.