Giving Better Feedback to Your Video Team

MicrophoneSometimes it can be challenging to make sure your video project comes out just as you had imagined once you have hired a production company to help tell “your story” effectively and to engage with your audience. One of the ways to efficiently get the most out of your video production dollar is to become involved in the creative process, which can be done simply by giving excellent feedback and being upfront on what you like, dislike, etc. with your video team.

Here are a few quick tips to help:

Communication is Key

While this tip isn’t exactly rocket science, you’ll ensure production runs much smoother by simply effectively communicating with your video team. At CTM, we work to keep all involved on the same page. Before production starts, we like to hold a concept call with everyone who will have a say in the video. Be ready to share and discuss your ideas and expectations for the video on this call, so that your production team can know your vision and plan from the start, which will result in less confusion later on!

Ensure production runs much smoother by simply effectively communicating with your video team. (Tweet This)

Clear Deadlines

Be clear and up front about any deadlines. Clear deadlines help the production team plan and prioritize so that the video stays on track to be ready in time to show at your big event or product launch. For CTM, we find this extremely important to know from the beginning so we can plan accordingly and meet our clients’ deadlines.

Organized FeedbackMegaphone Shape

Once the initial edit of your video is completed, you may need to request some revisions, which is not uncommon. Revisions are an important aspect of video production process. It’s vital to find out from your video production team from the start how many revisions are included and how their revision process works, so that you can make the most efficient use of your time and money.

At CTM, we ask our clients to gather feedback from everyone who has a say in the video first, then submit the changes you’d like to see. By submitting all changes together once your team has had a chance to give their feedback, you’ll ensure everyone involved in the process is on the same page and in turn less confusion all the way around. It will also help minimize the rounds of additional revisions needed, which will make for a quicker video completion.

Smile MaskBottom Line: It’s Worth the Effort

Although it may take a little more effort at first, these steps can help the video process be more efficient and it will go smoother over all. By communicating with the video production team not just during the concept phase, but throughout the entire process, you’ll be much happier with the final outcome of the video in the end.

Are there any additional tips that you would recommend?