4 Reasons to Update Your Video

Let’s face the facts, nothing lasts forever! Today, things change quickly on the web. Same holds true with your consumers who are also constantly evolving.

This is especially true for your online video content, which is why ensuring that it stays updated and relevant is so important. So you may be thinking, I just completed my CTM video short few years ago, well sorry to say, but it’s time to update that content. For starters, it’s probably not keeping our Google overlords happy and overall your audience will engage better with updated content. Plus, video quality and technology elements are rapidly evolving for the better.

So what can you do when your videos are no longer producing desired results and a favorable return on investment?  Here are a few quick tips to achieve better results when it comes to your online video content:

Home Page VideoAlexanOnKrogWebVideo

Your home page video sits front and center on your website, the pinnacle of your online existence. Thus, your home page video must be 100% consistent with your brand and message. If you home page video is slightly out of date, your visitors and customers will notice and you can easily lose that credibility factor. An added benefit of changing the home page video is it’s a great way to re-engage frequent visitors.

Rebranded Video Contenttime for change

If you’ve recently changed your branding or slogan, then there’s a good chance your video content will need to be updated, too. But that doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out and start from scratch. Sometimes all it needs is a quick refresh.

Refreshing your video content can give you the results needed and save you money. It can also be a simple way to re-align content with new messaging or a way to re-engage your audience. Plus, when it’s time for your renewal, we will offer to update your video content with high res photos, and best part is…..its’ complimentary!

If your whole marketing structure has changed, you may want to create new videos instead of trying to re-mold old ones to fit your new look and feel.

Crush the Competitionthe-top-16-video-marketing-statistics-for-2016-3-638 - Copy

Even in the modern internet era, many companies fail to produce videos, especially videos that connect with their audience. Great videos set you head and shoulders above the competition. And if your competitors have invested in videos for their online presence, you’ll be behind the eight ball unless you keep your video content up to date.

Play Google’s Gameoffice-google-search

Whether we like to admit it or not, Google is the king of the Internet. They rule over how much traffic your website receives with an iron fist. If you don’t play their game, your site is doomed from the jump. And their game involves constantly updating traffic. Google has “bots” that continually scan the web for fresh content, and your new video is exactly what they’re looking for. A new video can show up in Google searches in a day if not within hours. This is why CTM will distribute your videos to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest, so Google can quickly find your videos and content.

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