Why It Is Important To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-vs -Desktop-growth-Blog-Post 001 (002)As of late 2015, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, was officially the world’s most valuable company. It’s official, search engines rule the world! Whatever search engines require to make your website appear in their search results, can literally make or break your web traffic. And what they want is mobile.

Bottom line, not having a mobile compatible site can kill your SEO. (Click to Tweet)

In the last several years, many business have seen a decline in traffic and a loss of revenues as search engines like Google and Bing began to favor mobile-friendly websites. Both web giants are making it clear that it’s time to get up to speed on mobile or you’ll find your site banished to the depths of search results (page 2 or worse!). Bottom line, not having a mobile compatible site can kill your SEO.


Why Are Search Engines Favoring Mobile-Friendly Sites

Google SearchSearch engine have begun to favor mobile-friendly sites for one reason: money. Each year more and more customers use their smart phones as their primary Internet browser. In fact, over half of all Google searches since 2015 came from a smart phone.

Search engines are simply following trends. Since June of 2015, over 51% of website traffic has come from mobile devices, and the percentage is rising. By 2021 video will account for 70% of all mobile traffic.While there may be a point where mobile traffic stagnates, most analysts believe we are far from this point.

How To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

While it might seem daunting at first, it doesn’t have to be difficult to make your website mobile-friendly. You can focus on a few items to ensure your site isn’t dropped to the depths of the interwebs by search engines.

  1. You need to make sure your site has a responsive design. The advantage of a responsive design is that the content will automatically resize and reorganize itself to optimize for either mobile or desktop, meaning one URL for both. This makes it easier on search engines AND you.
  2. You’ll want to remove software like Flash from your site since it is not compatible with most mobile devices.
  3. Finally, you need to make sure all of your content is easy to use both desktop and mobile versions of your site.

We can help!

CTM helps you make your website more mobile-friendly by offering mobile-compatible streaming videos that you can use on your website and anywhere else you advertise your community online. Contact your rep today to learn more!