Using Video to Help Boost SEO

Element Music Row Video on WebsiteOver the last several years, video has become one of the most vital factors in successful marketing strategies. A video on the landing page of your website will keep your page rank high in Google. Better SEO often equates to much more traffic.

A video on the landing page of your website will keep your page rank high in Google. (Click to Tweet)

Here’s why video can help boost your SEO:

Video Increases Time on Page

Google places a high value on the amount of time someone stays on your pages. The longer the average visitor stays on your page – the higher your SEO score will be. Videos are one of the easiest ways to ensure people stay on your page and website longer.

Preferential Treatment from Googleipad-as-computer

Videos improve the quality score of your page and website. The higher your quality score – the higher Google values your site. You can further enhance this preferential treatment by adding video transcripts to certain pages.

Improved CTR

CTR, or click-through rate, can be significantly enhanced through the use of video. Recent statistics point to a 41% higher click through rate when a video is included on a page. That’s significantly more clicks and traffic!

Become a Social Butterfly

Including video on your website makes all your content more shareable. More shares on social media sites always equate to more traffic, and hopefully – more money! Adding social share buttons to pages with video can further this enhancement.

Increasing Trust

Seeing is believing. And with all the charlatans on the Internet, you need to focus on harnessing trust and belief. A video is a powerful form of advertising that (unlike photos which can be Photoshopped) will increase the trust visitors find in your brand and company.

Two huge issues to ensure you build trust stem from video placement and quality. It’s important to place your video at the top center of any page, and not the end. You’ll also only want to use high-quality videos. A low-quality video can hurt the bounce rate on your page

Great Video Content Easier Than EverFriends photographing on the rooftop

The CTM Video App is an excellent solution for companies with limited video budget or are looking for ways to add additional types of video content; both options have great SEO benefits.

The app allows your staff or clients to easily and quickly capture video and photo content directly by using the app on their phone. CTM then edits, brands, and uploads a finished video to a social media platform of your choice, plus it is yours to use online anywhere else you would like. Contact us today for more info.