5 Secrets to Marketing Better on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook has a bunch of “secret” features that make marketing a breeze? If used properly, these tricks can help you save time and increase conversions.

Here are five of our favorite secrets to marketing better on Facebook:

Keep an Eye Out

Pages to watchYou’ve probably heard it’s important to, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Facebook couldn’t agree more. Staying ahead of the competition is key, but so is keeping an eye on them. You can see all of your competitor’s top posts on Facebook Insights. All you need to do is make sure you’re following the page, and you can get the inside scoop. Detailed data on their best content at your fingertips is always a good thing.

Smart Saving Options

You can save anything and everything you see on Facebook. If you find the news feed overwhelming, then try using the Facebook Save feature to keep track of any content you want to view later. This feature makes keeping an eye out on innovators and competitors simple.

Pin Posts

Pin to TopSome occasions call for an all-out push to boost traffic or views. If there’s a particular post you want to increase visibility to, you can pin it to your Facebook Timeline. Then anyone who visits your page will see this post first – ensuring the visibility you desire.

Stay Relevant

Facebook has been upping their analytics tools, and they’re kind of impressive. One of the best new tools is the Relevance Score. When advertising on Facebook, you can use this analytic tool to ensure your campaigns are reaching the right audiences. This alone will guarantee an improved ROI for your business.

Facebook History Lessons

Facebook knows a staggering amount about our personal lives and businesses. And now, you can know what Facebook knows by downloading your all of your Facebook history. Simply go to your account’s Settings, then click on “Download a copy.” If you’re looking to get an edge on your marketing, you can use the data to create an ad campaign targeted at individuals who have already clicked on certain ads.

Do you have a favorite “secret” Facebook marketing strategy that we didn’t list? Let us know what it is in the comments!