How to Reach Potential Clients Through Video

Today video is becoming an increasingly important way to reach your potential clients. In fact it has been proven that the use of video in your marketing attempts can increase your conversion rate by over 65%. In addition, more video content on you social media sites increases your SEO and keeps you relevant. The next question is, what type of video is best for you? There are many different types of videos that you can shoot which cover anything from a short funny video meant to engage your audience up to a highly targeted informational video.

More video content on you social media sites increases your SEO and keeps you relevant. [Source: @CTMVideoExperts] (Click to Tweet)

Video-Statistics-Infographic-for-blog_Customer JourneyUse The Right Type Of Video Marketing To Match Your Needs

When creating your videos it is a good idea to consider the Buyer’s Journey. This is the active decision-making process that each renter will go through leading up to choosing to live in your community. During the Buyer’s Journey your potential resident will go from the awareness stage to the consideration stage and ultimately and on the decision stage. Throughout these stages it is a good idea to use targeted video marketing that will help ease their transition to the next stage. Here are a few examples of video styles that can be used throughout the Buyer’s Journey.

Awareness stage

  1. Hubs: Short engaging and educational videos meant as social media videos.
  2. Snacks: fun and creative videos that help to engage your target audience.
  3. Darts: hyper targeted ad campaign videos.

Consideration Stage

  1. Educational webinars: video presentations to help educate your audience about a solution to their problem. (ex: finding the right apartment community for them)
  2. How-to videos: a video designed to help potential residents in the consideration stage find proven solutions to problems they may have (ex: living in a small space, decorating an apartment, etc.).

Decision stage

  1. About your brand: these videos help to build trust in your brand with your potential residents or investors.
  2. About your community: this type of video gives an overview of life at your community and how it is the solution to their living needs.
  3. Case studies and testimonials: These help to provide your viewer with social proof that living in your community or doing business with you will be a good decision for them.

How can I apply this to my business today?

smartphone-view from balconyNow that you understand the process that your buyer goes through you can see how targeted videos designed to move them along the path can make a huge difference on their final decision. Now what if we told you that there was a way to easily capture videos and let a professional editor take care of the rest for you? The reality is that you may not have time to create professionally edited videos yourself. This is where our CTM Video App can help. You can download the CTM Video App to capture video on your smartphone and upload the videos clips to our team of professional video editors. They will then take the best footage and edit into a professional video that is ready for you to use. This means you can shoot full res HD footage right from your phone and be creating those customer-grabbing videos all throughout the day.

Still have questions about how it works? Contact your CTM Rep today!