Is Print Marketing On the Way Out?

mailbox-with ads sticking outPrinting has taken a hit. Once noted as one of the top marketing options available to small and big businesses alike, the print industry is considered a falling giant. Just like newspapers are struggling to make ends meet, many a print shop is, as well.

Print media is limited. Marketing on a flyer or mailer isn’t exactly scalable. Plus, printing is expensive. Nearly every business has begun making digital marketing a focus.

Industry Giants Following Suit

Print knew things were getting bad. Then it got worse. Victoria’s Secret had one of the largest printing budgets in the world. They mailed out over 300 million catalogs a year, which cost them around $150 million each year. The company believed the catalogs boosted sales. Then they conducted an experiment.

Victoria’s Secret suddenly stopped printing. No more catalogs. No more printing. Point. Blank. Period.

They were shocked at the results. Sales didn’t take a hit when they stopped sending out the catalog. In fact, sales actually increased when they stopped focusing on print and solely focused on digital media marketing.

Is Print Marketing a Dying Breed?

Yes. We won’t sugarcoat things for you. forbes-print and digital

Certain industries will still need some to use print marketing, but print has taken the back burner to digital, and many companies have little to no print marketing needs.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Mobility: Digital media gives you the opportunity to connect with people all day, every day. People are continually using their phones, computers, and tablets. The only time you see someone reading a magazine is at the doctor’s office.
  • Economic Options: You can advertise in a cost-effective manner with digital marketing. Digital advertisements are much cheaper than traditional print options. Paper and ink are not free.
  • Global Reach: Your digital marketing efforts can reach New Zealand and New Delhi just as quickly as New Jersey. Print marketing has a limited scope, especially when international business is considered.
  • Easy to Measure: Most digital advertising platforms offer easy-to-use dashboards that allow you to measure every aspect of a digital marketing campaign. From clicks to conversions, you can know exactly what works and why.
  • Targeting Options: Digital marketers have easy targeting options that ensure you don’t waste a penny on advertising to people who aren’t prospects. Print media could never target like digital can.

The bottom line is, well, the bottom line. There’s simply no reason to invest in print marketing when digital almost always delivers better returns and improved profits. Has your company cut back on print marketing in order to focus on digital? What were the results?