Voice Over Versus Text Graphics: Which is Right for You?

Your marketing video is a powerful way to connect with future residents. What you say in your video can help win over a prospect who may be on the fence. But HOW you say it can be just as important.

Having a voice over narrate what your viewer is seeing in your video can add value to the experience. But sometimes less is more. Letting the images tell the story with a little help from text graphics might be the best solution for your community’s video.

But, how do you choose?

Using Traditional Voice Over

Voice over is the traditional way to go. It’s a tried and true method for getting your message across to your viewer. If you have an audience that needs to hear what you have to say, or your message is too complicated to be told by images alone, then voice over is for you.

If you do choose voice over for your apartment community video, it’s important make the most of the medium. A voice over that is too verbose or technical, though it makes sense on the page, might end up boring or confusing when read aloud. When you’re working on a voice over script, read it out loud to yourself or someone else, to make sure what you’re writing on the page actually sounds interesting and makes sense to the ear.

Lastly, it’s hard to add-in voice over after the video production process is done. You need to plan on using voice over from the start of production. Planning for a voice over makes the editing process much easier, which means your video will be complete sooner.

Here’s an example of a video with voice over:VideoPlayerWS -3500Westlake


Using Text and Music

Text graphics instead of voice over is a more modern method to telling your story. In the age of the internet and ubiquitous mobile devices, many users prefer videos without audio. This allows them to watch videos at work, in public places, or around others – without causing a scene. In fact, a whopping 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound!

85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound! [Click to Tweet]

Because of this, videos with titles have grown in popularity. “Worksafe” videos provide entertainment value and get the desired message across without the need for noise. These videos have music in the background that can also add to the experience, but the key when using titles is to make sure the images and titles can tell the whole story on their own.

If you’re using text graphics and music only, make sure the text adds to what the viewer is seeing on the screen, either by giving more information that they can’t see in the video (ex: 24-hour Fitness Center or Award Winning Customer Service) or add some emotion or feeling that communicates the lifestyle they might have at your community (ex: words like “Indulge”, “Relax”, or “Thrive”). Again, the key is to make the most of the medium you are using.

Here’s an example of a video with text graphics and no voice over:VideoPlayerWS

Your Perfect Apartment Community Video

The best way to decide is to consider your community, message, and audience. Visualize your video with or without narration. Consider if your video needs details explained that cannot be delivered in short blurbs. You’ll find the best fit comes naturally with a little thought. The choice is ultimately yours.

Whether you prefer voice over in your video or not, Capture the Market can help you create the ideal video for your community. Get in touch today to learn more about our video production services.