Creating Emotion to Help Drive Results

ipad-girl-happyDid you know by creating emotion in your online video, that you’re more likely to hold your audience’s attention and it has a significant impact on the overall success of your video marketing? Emotional content is simply what that makes us all feel something and feelings are what prompts us to take meaningful action. And by meaningful action, we’re talking about making their way to your leasing office.

By effectively using the power of emotions in your video, you’ll create a connection. The connection established with your audience can increase loyalty with your current residents and draw potential residents in. By effectively appealing to your audience’s emotions, you can significantly increase your ROI.

The Science Behind the Success

soldier-with-dogIt’s a proven fact that when we see or watch something that makes us feel something {happy or sad}, our brains trigger an emotional connection that helps to build trust towards a product or brand. Plus, with the right video story, that emotional connection has a direct correlation on why your video content will increase your overall ROI and conversion rate.

To make things simple: if a customer is emotionally invested, he or she is much more valuable to your brand. Emotionally invested customers are proven to be more loyal customers.

Additionally, a successful video message that creates a strong emotional connection is proved to be twice as likely to be shared with others online than videos that triggered a weak emotional connection.

Creating a Successful Emotion-to-Action Strategy!

family-holding-handsSo, how do you trigger targeted emotions and which emotions drive the most action? First, you need to understand your audience who will be watching. Remember, just like with any other marketing, there is “no one size fits all” and certain emotions will work better than others, depending on your audience, purpose of the video, and more.

Below are some types of emotions that a video might trigger:


  • Empathy
  • Joy
  • Pride
  • Amusement
  • Surprise
  • Fear
  • Affection
  • Trust
  • Uncertainty

Developing Real and Lasting Connection with Your Audience.

rope-connectionYou can efficiently leverage the power of emotional video content by creating an authentic story that will engage with your online audience and will help increase engagement. This instant connection to your potential and current residents will not only enhance their overall engagement with your brand, but it will drive them to take action and ultimately resulting in better overall video ROI!

Are you ready to “tug” on your renter’s heart strings and create that connection? If so, Capture the Market would love to discuss with you. Contact us today!