Video Girls in Napa at the Multifamily Social Media Summit 2017

From Napa to Utah to Chicago to Austin the Video Girls have been busy this February!  We’re going to do a series of posts this week highlighting each event, starting with the Multifamily Social Media Summit at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa on February 1-3.

Video Girls Kimberly, Janet, and Robin were there along with Virginia Love from Waterton, Angie Taylor from Waypoint,  Jennifer Staciokas from Pinnacle, Sheri Killingsworth from LPC and many others.

At this unique conference for Multifamily industry executives, regional management executives, owners, developers, asset managers, marketing professionals, and social media specialists, attendees learned about the benefits of social media and content marketing in building and enhancing their businesses.

The sessions included a mix of business and technical topics for senior executives which discussed how to integrate blogging and social media for an effective overall marketing strategy.

The content was less focused on the needs of individual practitioners of blogging and social media, but more focused on understanding those technologies, using them effectively to help attract and retain residents, measuring the ROI of the programs, selecting the right personnel to implement those programs, and developing a strategy and managing these technologies on an ongoing basis.

As always, we learned a lot, had a great time with clients and friends (most of whom are both), and we can’t wait to attend next year!

Come by tomorrow to find out about Kimberly’s skiing adventures at IRHS…