CTM App Spotlight: Tips to Make Your Video Shine

Need a great video but don’t have a huge budget?  Shoot it yourself with the CTM App and then we will edit it for you! App videos can be a great solution for capturing resident and corporate events, lifestyletraining videos, pitch videos, and of course marketing your apartment community.

Of course some videos turn out better than others, and a lot of that has to do with the planning and execution of the video shoot. Want your app video to look as amazing as this one?

 We have a few easy tips for you to follow to make your next App video look spectacular!

  1. Plan ahead. Have a plan of what you are trying to tell in your “story” ahead of time so you will be better prepared and not rushed.  Keep a copy and send this information to your video producer, so they know your vision for the video.
  2. Always shoot in landscape (turn your phone sideways) instead of portrait (vertical) so that the shots are wide rather than tall. This will ensure a better look in the video.
  3. Make sure your scene is well lit.  If a space is too dark or has harsh back lighting, you won’t be able to see what you’re trying to show in the video very well.
  4. Get good audio.  Nothing can ruin an otherwise amazing video experience like bad audio. If you plan on using the sound that you record in your final video, make sure to keep background noise at a minimum as it tends to amplify on cell phone footage. Reshoot if background noise occurs during the recoding.
  5. Keep it smooth. Minimal shakiness is normal, but try to be as steady as possible. Feel free to shoot as many takes as needed and only upload the footage you want to use. Holding your breath while recording to avoid the rise and fall of your chest and using selfie stick might minimize shake.  If you don’t have a selfie stick, try holding your camera close to your body for stability while also holding your breath.
  6. Slow down. Shoot moving shots slowly, taking at least 4-10 seconds from one end to the other depending on the area’s length. If your shots move fast, the video pace will also be fast.
  7. Review your clips before moving on to the next scene.  Make sure you’re happy with the footage that you have before you move on, so you can make sure you love what ends up in your video! In the CTM App, you can review clips by pressing “play”. If possible do a couple of takes or more for alternate options.
  8. Diversify! Have another person contribute footage from another phone. If you don’t have time to shoot everything at once, or if you are at a big event or even shooting video in separate cities, let someone else help you capture the footage.
  9. Play around and have fun! Get creative! It will make your end product better and more enjoyable for your audience.

Ready to get started on your App video? Contact us today!