How to Win at Video Email Marketing

Want to win at email marketing?  In 2017: Email + Video =Winning!  But let’s talk strategy…

email-1903444_1920The More the Merrier

When should you send an email with video content in it?

Often. As often as you can possibly include a video that fits with the content and message of the email. Studies have shown that adding videos to email blasts can increase click-through rates by 30% or more. That’s a huge bump in click through rates!

youtube-1684601_1280Give Them What the Want

Video is useful in emails for one reason: we love watching videos. Certain studies have shown that people prefer to watch videos over reading about a product or service at a rate of four to one.

If you’re using video content in your email blasts, make sure to consider compatibility. Individual email systems don’t work well with video playback. You can combat this by adding an image link back to your website and the video – if you find customers struggling to play the video in your email.

video-newsletter-email-subjectActually Use “Video”

An easy way improve your email marketing is to create a great video for your company, add it to your email campaign, and then include the word “video” in the title of the email.

That’s it! By doing so, you’ll increase your opens by nearly 20%, your click-through rates by 65%, and even reduce your unsubscribes by a fourth or more. That’s a huge impact from one little word.

social-media-iconsMulti-Channel Video Marketing

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all require video content if you want to stay relevant. Not to mention – you’ll need to post your video content to your websites and hit your email list with it. Is video marketing starting to sound like a full-time job?

Luckily, we’re on your team! Not only does Capture the Market deliver professional video, but we also help you distribute the video through your social media channels, websites, and more – to help you make sure your video is 100% optimized and in front of as many eyes as possible.

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