Use Testimonial Videos to Boost Your Online Brand

One of the easiest ways to build your online brand is through video testimonials or interviews. Companies use testimonials to provide evidence that their products and services are effective.

While written testimonials are certainly better than nothing, many potential customers or residents are wary of them since they can be faked. However, customers view video testimonials (or resident interviews) as more believable since they are seen as more authentic than written ones. Let’s dig in and find out exactly why testimonial videos can give your online brand a big boost.

A Killer Combination

Video is one of the, if not the, most effective forms of content marketing available. Testimonials have always been one of the better content types available to companies. The combination of video and testimonials gives the customer content they want in the format they prefer.

Social Proof Sells

Customer testimonials are twice as effective as case studies. Potential customers want to see a “third-party” talk about your product, instead of the company tooting its own horn all the time. The “social proof” increases sales and is more likely to get customers knocking down your door.

 Get Specific

Generic doesn’t sell. You need to get specific and detail exactly how you can help a potential customer. When sourcing video testimonials, you need to find a specific way your product is superior and make sure the testimonial harps on it.

Credibility is Key

A video testimony must come from a credible, authentic source. You need to find someone who is familiar with your brand and loves your product. An authentic testimonial from a thrilled customer or resident will do more to drive conversions than any staged video could.

Incorporate Testimonies Today

If you’re looking for an effective and personal way to use video, start incorporating video testimonies into your marketing mix. Need help getting started? Contact us today!